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Rubberstamp-illustrator-box to "Ulysses" by James Joyce

Edition: 64 boxes, signed and numbered.

20 of them: special Dublin version (2004 at Stempel Tempel)
beechwood box, original text (see picture) 1.250 EUR.

German version (1994 at Stempel Tempel, ARTAX)
beechwood box,translated text 1.250 EUR.

(A choice from the stamps. The actual sizes are different)

Contents: 95 rubberstamps on wooden last, according to Ulysses; 9 stamp cushions (in black, blue, red, green, gold, brown, orange, white and gray) together in a beechwood box (see picture ) which is opened a lectern; printed overview allocating motives and citations.

„Ulysses" by James Joyce is one of the most human, most multi-layered and most witty books of the century. It is composed of a fabric of motives. They connect the myth of Odysseus with the everyday life of Nobody, by the name of Bloom from Dublin. Joyce always rather had an ear than a visual sense for the configuration of his texts. With my picture-box to Ulysses I want to give him back his eyes. For that purpose I have mined my ten-years artistic work on Ulysses. To those who read I leave a big fund of marks and symbols which I have taken from this world-book. Most of them are my own drawings, but also graphic arts from the turn of the century or underhand picture citations. They were chosen to visualize on the one hand the wandering of leitmotivs, on the other hand, remain, however, so universal that they are usable for letters, pictures, graffiti and every other remaining book.
One acquires a good piece from the picture inventory which Joyce has picked up in his world - to gloss book and world with it again. Rubberstamps are an ideal medium to collect and make use of importance-charged pictures. It is available to all those who want to pause not in motionless adoration, but search for more pleasure through more understanding.