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Zirkus Loko-Motiv

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Zirkus Loko-Motiv is an art-company founded 1993 and is runnned by artist Torbjörn Berg and actress Ylva Törnlund.
The size of the company varies between 2 and 30 people, depending on location, artistic ideas and budget. Our goal is to create a new artform without frontiers, by bringing artist with different backgrounds together in an artistic performance.
The participants comes from Sweden, Finland, Germany, Ireland, The Netherlands, Canada, England, Ghana - in other words: From the whole world! Thats our contribution in breaking national frontiers.

Some of Zirkus Loko-Motiv´s former performance:

May 1995  »A good meal I«
A dramatized performance in a factoryhall in Berlin
August 1995  »A good meal II«
In a circus marquee in Stockholm
April 1996  »The collector´s laboratory «
A dramatized exhibition at Stockholm Cultural House
August 1996  »The return of the Indians«
A dramatized exhibition at Tacheles Cultural Centre in Berlin
December1997  »No are in the garden of Eden...«
A Fire performance at "Valon Voimat - the festival of Light" in Helsinki
January 1998  »Fire Performance«
Opening Cermonie of Cultural Capital of Europe, Stockholm 1998
February 1998  »Big Crunch«
Project "INsyn" Cultural Capital Stockholm 1998
November 1998  »F2...without permission...Helsinki«
part I  A dramatized fire performance Valon Voimat - Forces of Light Helsinki
May 1999  »mecanical sculptures for a zirkus«
performance and exibithion - Stockholm
August 1999  »Animal-Art«
Exibithion and Performance - Gotland
August 1999  »F2..without permission..Stockholm«
part II
New Year 2000  »Turf-sculptures..Fire watch.«
along the sea in the midle of Stockholm (27 pieces)
July 2000  »The Golden Cone gale festival«
Gotland competition for the best Rock-Transparent
September 2000  »Sister Jane«
fire performance - Norrköping
April - May 2001  »Utropstecken 1-3«
incorporated with "Darling Desperados"
(art-performance) at Åsötorg, Hornstull och Rörstrandsgata,Sthlm.
May 2001  »Utropstecken 4«
mad moose..project.
(a 24 hours happening) in front of Modern Museeum Stockholm.
July 2001  »The Golden Cone gale festival«
Gotland competition for the best Rock-Transparen.
Oktober 2001  »Vintergatan«
puppet theater in cooperation with Intercult written by Zacharias Topelius.